Welcome to WoodKeys.click. Check out our full lineup of wood cases, built specifically for popular keyboards. If a case for your board is not available , or you require some unique features, contact us about a custom design.

We also do custom CAD design, PCB design and testing, and just about anything else related to keyboards that you can imagine. If you want something designed, please drop us a line.

Big Series PCB Giveaway

For a chance to win a protoype PCB, check out the giveaway!

Big Series cases and PCBs now available for pre-order

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Need something to show off that new Big Switch from Novelkeys? Our wood and acrylic cases make it into the perfect desk accessory to flaunt your mechanical keyboard obsession to all your coworkers.

But why stop there, it includes a PCB to turn it into a fully-functional programmable macro key (yes, it runs QMK). Complete with a 4 underglow RGB LEDs and one upfacing RGB LED to make it glow. Features a mini USB port for compatibility with custom cables. If you only want the PCB to go with an existing case, those are now available as well.



Keycrawl 2017

Thanks to everyone that came out, and especially to awwwwwyeaahhhhhh for putting it all together. I had fun designing the boards and working through the whole process with MacroFab to get them produced. If you need small volume prototyping with quick turnaround at reasonable prices, I can’t recommend them enough. As promised, I have uploaded …


I am a software engineer who likes to build things. Sometimes those things are software; you can find those things over on CCM Computing. Sometimes I make physical things, like keyboards. Yes, another one of those things is websites. I make lots of them, for each little thing, like this one.