Building some cases – finished pics

I’ve been busy in the shop building a few cases and wrist rests. I cranked out a few low profile Planck cases: 2 beech, a mahogany, and a custom walnut. I finally got around to building a case for my gh60, but that had a few hiccups.

Mahogany Low Profile Planck

I really like the look of this mahogany, it finished up very nice. Looks great with the stainless steel, but I think the brass plates from would look even better.

Beech Low Profile Planck

I picked up some beech at the local lumberyard. It’s very cheap compared to some of the other woods I have, but it finishes very well. I like it better than working with oak for about the same  price. The finish reminds me of a Louisville Slugger baseball bat.

Walnut Low Profile Planck (Custom Build)

When I picked out this piece of walnut I knew it was going to look nice, but I never guessed it would turn out quite like this.



Mahogany Wrist Rest

After building the mahogany Planck case above, I had a piece that looked just about the right size for a wrist rest.

Walnut Wrist Rest

Another fine piece of walnut. This was the leftover from building my Let’s Split case.

Purpleheart Wrist Rest

This was built for a customer. After cutting and sanding, it was looking a little pale. I went ahead and put the oil on thinking that might bring the color back. I was in shock because it looked almost brown. Definitely more maroon than purple. I did some quick Googling and found that putting it in the sun might bring back the purple color. A few days in the windowsill of my office did the trick. Now it’s a gorgeous chunk of purpleheart.

Beech GH60

This was one of those cases (no pun intended) that reinforces the old adage “measure twice, cut once”. I forgot to double-check the location of the holes, and I had them flipped/mirrored. A little dremel work and some wood putty set it straight. Then I had a flub on the router when rounding over the edges near the USB. Note to self: round the edges, then cut the USB ports. I kind of like the way that turned out though.

Of course, now that I have all these things built. I need somewhere to put them. Picked up a nice pot lid holder from Amazon (also got a bamboo one, which is holding some other keyboards).

Now I just need a bigger lightbox and some better lighting.