Custom Keyboard in 5 Weeks – Live Stream Mondays in April

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This is a 5 episode weekly live stream to design and build a keyboard from scratch. I will start with a layout, refine that using KLE, then design the PCB using KiCAD and the case using Fusion 360. These will then be built and assembled on the stream.

2 hours each week, Mondays 9-11pm CDT – April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

  • Week 1: Layout in KLE and PCB design.
  • Week 2: Case design in Fusion 360. Will include CAM tool paths and rendering if time permits
  • Week 3: PCB assembly. SMD components will be soldered using a stencil to apply solder paste and an electric griddle to reflow the PCB.
  • Week 4: Machine the case from wood using a CNC router. Sand the case, apply initial coat of finish.
  • Week 5: Complete case and final assembly, programming, and testing.

Keycrawl 2017

Thanks to everyone that came out, and especially to awwwwwyeaahhhhhh for putting it all together. I had fun designing the boards and working through the whole process with MacroFab to get them produced. If you need small volume prototyping with quick turnaround at reasonable prices, I can’t recommend them enough.

As promised, I have uploaded the QMK source code to my GitHub repo (on the crawlpad branch), and I am working on getting it merged into the official repo (as soon as I get a chance to make a pull request). For those that would rather use a GUI, here is the json file for Here is a KLE link for the default layout.

I managed to take a few pictures, many of them are quite blurry and some came out with odd colors because I was playing with settings trying to reduce the blurriness.

Stand Up For Houston – Hurricane Harvey Relief

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As you all know, Houston, TX has been hit by a once in a lifetime storm. Houston and the surrounding areas are seeing record breaking flooding and many people are stranded or in need of basic essentials of life. WoodKeys has teamed up with other members of the Houston MK community along with several others from around the country to raise money to help the 30,000 people who have been displaced from their homes.

Here are a few recommendations for places to donate


We are creating a raffle with items from many different places. Many people would donate anyway, but this is just a little more incentive to help people in need. Click the banner below to enter the raffle. A donation to any worthy flood relief cause of your choice qualifies you to enter the raffle. Thank you so much for joining the cause to get the help these people need. Helping people, in places you may never physically go, is a wonderful gift. For more information on the raffle items, check this Reddit post.

Houston Meetup May 13th

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Houston meetup. I had a great time seeing everyone’s boards and getting to try out some different key types. Here is a raw dump of some shots I took. I tried to get everything, but I apologize if I missed yours. Check out this post on reddit for some other pics and post-event discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope I can make the next one in the area.

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