APX – High-Profile Angled Aluminum Case for Planck

From: $95

Introducing APX, an all new high-profile case for the Planck keyboard. Strong lines, chamfered edges, and a 3 degree angle set this apart. Proudly made in the USA.

Pre-Order Now

Pre-orders are now open and will run through May 31st. Estimated ship date is July 9th-11th to coincide with the Planck Rev 6 shipment. Add a Planck PCB and plate to your order below for a complete kit.

Fully compatible with the new Planck Rev 6 PCBs which can be added to your order. These will be shipped together when both are available. Rev 5 PCBs are also compatible if you have the hipro plates from OLKB or buy new plates.

These cases are only compatible with Planck Rev 5 or later PCBs – earlier PCBs can be made compatible by drilling the 2mm holes to make them 2.85mm – 3.25mm in size.

Plates are currently only available in a matte black anodized aluminum.

Finishing options include anodizing, powder coating, and Cerakote ceramic coating in a variety of colors. Cerakote colors are being finalized, previews coming soon.

This is a pre-order for a new product. The order will be submitted for manufacturing at the close of the pre-order period. The estimated ship date is July 9th-11th to coincide with the Planck rev 6 release. All pre-order sales are final.


    • 50 $
    • 15 $
    • 15 $
    • 15 $
    • 15 $
    • 20 $

    Cerakote colors TBD. Sample coming soon.


Renders above may not be representative of the actual colors. These photos are taken from the Let’s Split cases, and are as accurate as a photo can convey. No color correction or post processing was performed.

Sample photos from the anodizer.

Additional color samples and more photos coming soon.


Now offering complete kits including rev.6 PCBs from OLKB. PCBs are available in 2 varieties: a hot-swappable version, and a low-cost version. See below for more details.



  • STM32F303 ARM MCU
  • USB-C connector
  • ESD protection on the USB datalines
  • Dual-channel speaker using the MCU’s DAC
  • Kailh’s hot-swappable MX sockets and solderable Matias footprint
  • Metal 2.5mm standoffs that accept #2-56 screws
  • Per-switch RGB cut-outs for future projects
  • Compatible with previous revision case styles
  • 2x2u, 1x2u, Grid support along the bottom row
  • PCB-mounted stabiliser footprints

Footprints for add-ons to expand functionality:

Note, these addons may not be compatible with Woodkeys cases.

  • 9x footprints for WS2812B RGB LEDs (COM-12667)
  • Footprint for a 4-channel DIP switch (210-4ES)
  • Footprint for a 2-pin JST-PH (PRT-09749)
  • Footprint for a 4-pin Qwiic (I2C) JST-SH connector (PRT-14417)
  • Footprint for a clickable (worked into the matrix) rotary encoder (COM-09117, et al)
  • Footprint for a 6-pin male/female header (PRT-09015 or PRT-12590, et al)

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 4 x 1.25 in

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