High Profile Wood Case for Planck


From: $90

Special lower prices for the Planck Rev 6 launch

As part of the Planck Rev 6 launch, cases are on sale now through May 31st. Orders will be produced in bulk and shipped along with the PCBs which are estimated to arrive July 9th.

Simple and elegant, high-profile case for the Planck keyboard from olkb.com. Sides extend 7mm above the plate to hide the keyswitches.

Redesigned to use the new hipro plates and rev 5 or greater PCB from olkb.com.

Available in several hardwood options. Cases are custom-built to order, so please allow 6-8 weeks for production. You will receive an estimated ship date when your order is processed.


    • 50 $
    • 15 $
    • 15 $
    • 15 $
    • 15 $
    • 20 $



Now offering complete kits including rev.6 PCBs from OLKB. PCBs are available in 2 varieties: a hot-swappable version, and a low-cost version. See below for more details.



  • STM32F303 ARM MCU
  • USB-C connector
  • ESD protection on the USB datalines
  • Dual-channel speaker using the MCU’s DAC
  • Kailh’s hot-swappable MX sockets and solderable Matias footprint
  • Metal 2.5mm standoffs that accept #2-56 screws
  • Per-switch RGB cut-outs for future projects
  • Compatible with previous revision case styles
  • 2x2u, 1x2u, Grid support along the bottom row
  • PCB-mounted stabiliser footprints

Footprints for add-ons to expand functionality:

Note, these addons may not be compatible with Woodkeys cases.

  • 9x footprints for WS2812B RGB LEDs (COM-12667)
  • Footprint for a 4-channel DIP switch (210-4ES)
  • Footprint for a 2-pin JST-PH (PRT-09749)
  • Footprint for a 4-pin Qwiic (I2C) JST-SH connector (PRT-14417)
  • Footprint for a clickable (worked into the matrix) rotary encoder (COM-09117, et al)
  • Footprint for a 6-pin male/female header (PRT-09015 or PRT-12590, et al)

Low-Cost Differences:

  • Solderable MX and Matias footprints
  • No reset button/circuit (firmware reset or via jumpers – footprints remains)
  • No speaker (footprint remains)
  • No capacitors for RGB LEDs
  • No-spin plastic 2.5mm standoffs that accept #2-56 screws

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