Meira – Low Profile 40% Ortho

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The Meira is a 40% ortholinear PCB that is designed for the Kailh Choc low profile switches. The layout is a 4×12 grid. This first version uses either a Pro Micro or an Adafruit Feather BLE as the controller. The Feather BLE enables Bluetooth connectivity for most modern devices, and includes a connection and charging circuitry for a LiPo battery (available from Adafruit).

Meira means “light”, and there is plenty of it. The backlight LEDs are individually addressable using an LED matrix driver from ISSI. The firmware currently only supports setting a uniform backlight, but with a little programming it can support setting individual LEDs brighter (e.g., status indicators) and even animations. There are connections for WS2812 strips for RGB underglow as well.

Switches and Keycaps

Switches are available for purchase from NovelKeys, with heavy and thick-click versions as well. Keycaps are produced by Kailh specifically for the Choc key switches, and are also available through NovelKeys: blanks or legends.


There are 2 options for top and bottom plates currently available: PCB-material or stainless steel (stainless steel is sold out). Mid layers are laser cut from clear acrylic. The PCBs for the Meira itself as well as the top and bottom plates are white. Screws and standoffs are provided with the base kit.


The base kit includes all diodes, ICs, and resistors required. All SMD components will be soldered, so the only soldering required will be the ProMicr/Feather controller, switches, and LEDs if you want them; all through-hole soldering. LEDs are supported in surface mount or through hole, but I only have SMD available for sale. Soldering is available for SMD LEDs. If you want to use through-hole LEDs, SpaceCat has 2x3x4 in a variety of colors which work well.



Select options

  • Requires either a Pro Micro or an Adafruit Feather BLE for the controller.

    • 8 $
    • 35 $

    Switches are PCB mount, so a top plate is not required.  The top and bottom plates will extend beyond the PCB to allow for a mid-layer which is being designed.

    • 25 $

    Mid layer pieces to make a fully enclosed case. Compatible with either the stainless steel or PCB top and bottom plates above. Available in clear acrylic or wood.

    • 25 $

    50 LEDs per pack. Only SMD are available, but through hole are also supported.

    • 8 $

    Required onboard components come pre-soldered, but LEDs do not. If you are not comfortable with surface mount soldering, we can solder your LEDs for you. If ordering multiple PCBs please select multiple soldering services to match. LEDs must be ordered separately above.

    • 25 $

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