• Weekly Update February 28, 2019

    First of all, sorry for this long overdue update. I tend to focus on getting things done and neglect/forget to post updates. I am planning to make weekly update posts. If you want to see little bits of progress in a more real-time manner, I try to post more often to my Instagram.

    Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through this process. It has been quite an adventure. I couldn’t do it without your continued support.

    Now for the updates:

    Big Series Aluminum

    Waiting on anodizing. I will hopefully have an ETA by next week.

    Big Series Brass

    Waiting on polishing.

    Big Series Wood

    Production is coming along, most of the exotic 1-key cases are done machining. The remainder should be finished up next week. Then they will need to be sanded, finished, and packed. 2-key and 3-key cases will follow.

    Wood Planck Cases

    These are mostly complete, but I had an issue with cutting the USB ports. I had to scrap a couple of cases due to misalignment and I broke a brand-new endmill. That was replaced and I should have those finished up soon.

    Custom Orders

    I am working through these as quickly as possible. I did get most of the wood blanks cut a couple of weeks ago. Most of my attention has been spent on the aluminum work lately, but the APX cases should should be on autopilot for a while so I can return my attention to these.

    APX Cases

    This has been my primary focus for the last few weeks. Unfortunately, setting everything up has taken much longer than I expected. If you’ve been following on Instgram, I posted some pictures and videos of the pallet in action. I have a couple of tweaks to make, and then it will be churning through all the orders.

    Scarlet Bandana

    Stuck in the queue behind APX. I will be working in some test cuts to make sure everything is ready to roll as soon as the APX boards are done.